Glamping in Iceland


Adventure Tourism has been on the rise all over the world in the last few decades with travellers seeking ever more authentic adventurous and Eco friendly experiences. In...


Northern Lights in Þórsmörk

The Northern Lights, or the Aurora Borealis, are visible in Iceland after dark from late August until the end of April. All you need to view them is clear skies, patience and a bit of...


Kári The Fox

Visiting Þórsmörk gives you a good chance to meet Kári the Arctic fox and the self-proclaimed Lord of Þórsmörk in his natural environment. You may have to be patient as Kári sets his...


Hikers advice - essential items for the Laugavegur trek


8 reasons why Iceland is the ultimate hiking & trail running destination

Inga Fanney is our trail running and hiking expert at the Volcano Huts. She has planned a series of hiking and trail running tours in Iceland and Greenland. Below Inga shares 8 reasons...


Hiking & Trail Running: What do I need to bring?

Inga Fanney, our trail running and hiking expert, is the newest staff member here at Volcano Huts. She has planned a series of hiking and trail running tours that are scheduled for this...


Donal Boyd - the wandering artist in Þórsmörk